Niely closes the plant in Nova Iguaçu, in the Baixada Fluminense

The Niely plant in Nova Iguaçu, in the Baixada Fluminense, is closed next year. The information was expected by the blog Lauro Jardim, on the site The Globe. According to L & # 39; Oréal, owner of the brand, the economic crisis that the country has had an impact on the company, increasing industrial unused capacity. That is why the company will concentrate all production at the plant in São Paulo, looking for "sustainable growth" and "industrial optimization".

The company said that Niely products, a strategic brand for the group, are still being produced. The factory activities will be gradually transferred until the last quarter of 2019. According to the company, the factory in Nova Iguaçu is currently preventing expansion plans because it is a rented unit located in an urban center.

The number of employees who will be laid off in the Baixada Fluminense has not yet been determined, because according to L & # 39; Oréal employees can be transferred to other units in Rio or São Paulo. Since the transfer will take place gradually, employees of Niely factories will be able to compete for vacancies in L & # 39; Oréal Brasil itself, including in the unit of São Paulo.

The company has ensured that those who are disconnected receive a differentiated bonus package, with a professional removal plan and career transition. To this end, the company claimed that it included a consultancy firm to help employees move to the market, organize seminars on entrepreneurship and personal finance courses, and deliver curricula to companies in the vicinity.

He also noted that he will remain in the state of Rio with the administrative headquarters, the Research & Innovation Center and the distribution centers.

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