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Outpatient suspected stormed passenger of BRT is beating dead

RIO – A passenger suspected of having attacked a passenger of the BRT at the Paulo da Portela terminal in Madureira, in the northern zone of Rio, was killed by a pony Thursday at dawn. The information comes from "RJ-TV".

A man heard the TV news, who said he was working at the station, said that an informal security man was called when the woman was attacked. This protection and two other men who were to work with him testified at the Murder Office of the capital.

They said, still according to "RJ-TV", that they immobilized the suspect and named a man known as "vigilante."

"It's not security, it's outsiders who usually do this, they see a staff attack and they go after people," he told the TV news service. .

According to police, the pedlar was hit twice by a piece of wood with nails: one on the head and one on the chest. Together with the victim, the police found a fake weapon.

"The possibility of their participation is not excluded, because it was they who approached the victim and removed them from the station, when a third person was without a shirt, first he worked in the trade there, a camel there from the Madureira station, "He was still identified with the wood and mistreated. But the participation of these two guards, who are heard here at the police station, is not excluded," said DH-Capital delegate Luiz Otávio.

The police now want to know who these men are who have held the suspect and find out if they really are BRT guards.

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