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Paranaguá, Curitiba and São José dos Pinhais lead reports of yellow fever

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The weekly epidemiological bulletin released by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (14) does not record new cases of yellow fever, but Parana is alert to eight confirmed cases of the disease, including one death.

"Our recommendation is that the population look for a health center closer to home and take the vaccine against the disease, which is available in 399 municipalities", the secretary Beto Preto warns. It emphasizes the care for some people who do not want to be vaccinated. "The vaccine is safe. It is the only effective way to protect the population".

The number of cases investigated and discarded has increased from last week to now: there were 129 and now there have been 137 cases.

59 reports are still being investigated. The municipalities with the most reports are Paranaguá, Curitiba and São José dos Pinhais.

The health department continues with campaigns to combat yellow fever throughout Paraná. From January to now, approximately 300,000 doses of the vaccine have been used.

"The vaccine needs 10 days to provide protection", says Health Surveillance Inspector, Acácia Nasr. "That is why we recommend that everyone seeks healthcare for immunization, that they should receive the vaccine between 9 months and 59 years""he said.

State parks are also kept alert because they are considered as areas where there is a risk of viral circulation. "Whoever visits these protected areas must be vaccinated", reinforces the superintendent.

From the State News Agency / Photo: Valdecir Galor

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