Raissa Barbosa says she ‘stayed’ with MC Mirella’s ex

Eliminated in the 11th garden of “A Fazenda 2020”, Raissa Barbosa was surprised by the number of videos of MC Mirella, eliminated in the 10th garden, criticizing her within the game and saying she doesn’t know if she will continue the friendship outside the reality of RecordTV.

In an interview with Decompression Booth, an internet reality show, the model watched Mirella call her “ her ex’s lover ” and stated that she told the funkeira that she was dating the singer Dynho Alves after their breakup.

We talked about it. I really stayed with him, but when they were done. I even told her, but she tapped her foot and said they were together. The internet said no. So there is nothing to know “.

Raissa again saw scenes of the funkeira saying she was trying to make fun of him and denied any intention to take her seriously.

Guys, I am shocked. Am I trying to make her an idiot? Not a moment. So, Mirella and I talked about her boyfriend’s ex, I don’t know, I don’t know what their relationship is like. We talked and I told them what had happened. We stayed, but I rooted for them both. I wanted to end this matter. I didn’t want to give canvasses to mangoes ”.

“This topic must have gone viral and taken on a proportion that I didn’t want. But she kept talking and we talked. She apologized and we apologized. That’s when I went to the farm that was attacked by all the boys,” Mirella, he gave me advice, but now that I see these things, I get lost, ”he concluded.

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