she fell into the neighbor’s house and went viral on the internet

The internet has a new icon: Deise Gouveia. I don’t know? As of today, she wasn’t famous or anything, but now she has over 30,000 followers after falling awkwardly into the home of a stranger in a community in Rio de Janeiro.

It was like this: she was at a dance party when she decided to return home with friends. Being a little disturbed by the beer – and other alcoholic drinks – Deise lost her balance after an hour of walking in the street and leaned against the wall.

The problem is that her support was not a wall, but a door. The end result is that the door opened, she took a historic fall, fell on the stairs and invaded a stranger’s house.

Later on Deise went to apologize and met the owner of the house, Paula. The new sensation on the internet has discovered that her neighbor is undergoing cancer treatment and has even called on people to help the woman.

It didn’t take long for the clumsy story to go viral and Twitter took the opportunity to comment on everything about the beautiful video.

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