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Simaria tells how ganglionar tuberculosis has changed her life

Bruna Gomes saw his life change when he started dating at joutuber Felipe Neto, one of the most famous names of the Brazilian YouTube.

Bruna Gomes remembers the beginning of courtship with Felipe Neto

At the age of 22 she left everything in Santa Catarina, looking for her independence and her great love alongside Felipe. In an interview for Extra site, this Monday, the 26th, she guarantees that not everything is flowers.

The girlfriend of the young youtuber does not shy away from questions about her appearance and plastic surgery, and says: "I already had a lot of breasts but wanted more, I wanted to hit the moon (laughs) I had never talked about my rhinoplasty I adjusted the tip of my nose about three years ago, it was a very simple operation, I think the techniques are there to be used, it just can not be a focus, doing it differently will not be happy. "

He also claims that one of his biggest challenges is to arrive: "I have hyperthyroidism, so I am struggling with my weight loss, I take medication every day, my metabolism is very fast, hammer to get muscle and health. I disappear (laughs) I go to the gym three times a week and I do a functional workout on the beach when it's time, but I can not exaggerate the aerobics to lose weight, I weigh 53kg, but it would be 57kg to be. "

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