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Skype Insider users can now make video calls with 50 people

The rise of media such as WhatsApp has reduced the popularity of Skype in the past few years, but that does not mean that developers have stopped offering new updates to the program. Starting with Skype Insiders version, users can make and join group calls with up to 50 people – twice the 25 person limit.

Such & # 39; n call can of course be rather early for different group members, and Microsoft has stated that unlike the standard ringing that is performed for video calls, only a simple notification will be sent. However, if the presence of users is really needed, they can still receive the ringing of the call.

It is worth noting that, as noted earlier, this feature is so far only available for Skype Insider participants, but most likely also for end users.

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Source: MS Power user

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