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After the columnist Leo Dias
reveal in the program " Fofocalizando
"This Monday (12), the worldwide actress Susana Vieira faces leukemia – a form of cancer that occurs in the formation of blood cells, which makes it difficult for the body to fight infections – about three years ago, the advice of the artist stated that leukemia is stabilized and the artist is in order.

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Susana Vieira says that leukemia is not new and that her health has stabilized
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Susana Vieira says that leukemia is not new and that her health has stabilized

In a statement, the Susana Vieira
confirmed the columnist's information, who said that the revelation about his state of health by the actress was made last Saturday (9) while recording a picture of the "Domingão do Faustão" program that will be broadcast in the coming days.

The information is correct, but it is not up-to-date. It is now a few years ago and the leukemia has completely stabilized. We can not issue an official statement, because the actress is amazing, including, now, at the academy.

In her profile on Instagram the actress showed that she spent the day at the gym and added the affection of the fans. "Thanks for all the love and affection I received from you today! I am wonderful and happy!" He wrote in the caption.

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Susana Vieira reveals struggle for life in "do =" doing
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Susana Vieira reveals struggle for life in "Domingão do Faustão"

The fact that Susana has updated her account on Instagram this Sunday (11) confirms that the information about her illness has become stronger. In addition to personalities such as presenter Faustão, actresses Deborah Secco, Christiane Torloni and humorist Leandro Hassum, the actress used the hashtag "Domingão do Faustão" and wrote in the legend: "selfie of love."

Web is in solidarity with the state of health of Susana Vieira

After the information revealed by the columnist, several people on Twitter showed support for the celebrity.

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Susana Vieira
is one of the most successful names on Brazilian TV. In 2017 the actress was also admitted to the Vitória hospital in Rio de Janeiro, due to a thrombosis in her leg.

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