The Farm: After Jojo Todynho Gives Up the Race, the Web Calls for the Cancellation of the Power of the Flame

Jojo Todynho chose Sunday evening (29) to give up the flame test because of a personal fear: the height. That is why only Mariano and Stéfani Bays took part. Netizens did not like Record TV’s attitude and asked to turn off the power of the lamp.

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The singer was more than devastated by her withdrawal and even had to be comforted by her incarceration colleagues. With the withdrawal, the race was less intense and Mariano emerged as the winner. This allows the singer to use the power of the flame, which will be revealed in the coming days.

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A large number of internet users were dissatisfied with the test. Some of them claimed it was not fair to Jojo Todynho. After all, the program already knew that she was afraid of heights and, according to them, did it to manipulate the game of the week. Others even asked for the power to be canceled: “They should cancel the race, there is no such thing as a race held by two participants”, he claimed.

One of them also stated that it is clear that reality wanted to empower Mariano or that he believed the program would have taken root among the pedestrians in the house. So one of them could replace Jojo’s place.

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Despite many requests to cancel the event, some viewers disagreed with this request, claiming that Jojo Todynho stopped the event because he wanted to. In addition, they stated that anyone could have gone through this situation within the program. After all, reality is a game. Tell us if you agree with the destruction of the power of the flame!

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Bay formed generates controversy on the Internet

Facing the event, Jojo Todynho and Stefani Bays headed straight to Bay of the Week. The singer chose to pull Biel, while Ste preferred to pull Lipe Ribeiro. It seems, netizens did not like the peoa’s attitude at all and argued that Ste Bays should have pulled Lidi Lisboa.

Biel has been one of the most discussed topics since last night. This is because a large proportion of internet users want the pawn not to escape the field and the big one to be eliminated of the week. One of them even said that Biel is working overtime on the program and must leave as soon as possible. Others, in turn, have posted the #forabiel tag on social networks.

Although the tag quickly moved up and took first place for a few hours, Biel’s fans came to his defense and declared that the program will have the singer as the big winner. In addition, they stated that this will happen without any manipulation. After all, according to them, Biel is increasingly conquering the public, and ultimately, everyone will realize that Biel is one of the only ones in the house who is sincere and honest ”. Will be?

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