The son of Will Smith explains that he is dating with rapper Tyler, The Creator

Credit: reproduction / Instagram

Jaden Smith (right) would have a relationship with Tyler, The Creator (Credit: Play / Instagram)

Jaden Smith surprised fans during a performance of a show in the United States on Monday, 12. Actor Will Smith's son said he would live a romance with rapper Tyler, The Creator.

"I just want to say that Tyler, the Creator is my best friend in the whole world, I love Tyler too much and I want to tell you something I mean Tyler does not want to tell, but I will: he's mine friend, "said Jaden, and the moment was recorded and publicized in social networks.

Will Smith & # 39; s son confirmed the statement in his Twitter profile. "Yes, Tyler, I told everyone, you can not deny it now," he wrote. Tyler replied, also on the official Twitter profile: "Hahaha you're a crazy man", said the rapper.

Their followers still do not know for sure whether the statements are serious or do not make a joke. According to information from the website in 2015, Tyler wrote a Twitter message: "I tried to get out four days ago, but nobody interested." In 2017 the rapper would have given some clues about his sexuality in the album Flower Boy.

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