Alert of alleged new strike of truck drivers generates queues at the stations

Put in the PE-15, in Paulista, with queue caused by the rumor of trucking strike. Photo: Rossini Gomes / TV Clube

The rumor started with WhatsApp. At least three audios rolled through the application last Saturday and warned the public about a possible new truck stop. There was disagreement about the date: one said the alleged attack would begin "at zero o'clock" on Sunday, while in another, a man identified as Arnaldo promises to "brake the country again" on Monday.

It is not known who is the owner of the votes, or that they represent one or another association of employees. The messages also do not refer to these days 2 and 3 September or when they are old. Still, the story gained momentum when the network of messages from Pernambuco PetroMega in his Instagram account gave an "informative note" warning that it had no confirmation, but that it was "strong evidence" of a new attack.

It was sufficient that the fear of running out of fuel since the start of Saturday night brought many people to the gas stations of the Metropolitan Area in Recife. This Sunday morning the scenario is the same: long queues have formed in various branches in the municipalities of Olinda, Paulista and Recife, where the report of the TV Club was distributed. In some of them the price has already risen.


After the major repercussions of the rumors about this possible strike, the Secretariat of Justice and Human Rights (SJDH) and Procon-PE issued a communiqué stating that they will inform PetroMega on Monday (Monday) of the clarification of the note on their social networks. "The report, without any reasoning, irresponsibly warns the population about the possibility of a halt in the fuel supply in the state," the text says.

The warning also warns that triggering an alarm by announcing a non-existent hazard, or practicing an act that is capable of causing panic or commotion, is a crime as provided for in Article 41 of the Criminal Proceedings Act. (LCP), under penalty of simple arrest, from 15 days to six months, or fine.

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