Amazon launches fashion and sports store in Brazil with 350 thousand items

Site has products from brands such as Levi & # 39; s, Reserva, Animale, Capodarte, Le Lis Blanc and Havaianas.


August 22, 2018, 00. 01

São Paulo – A Amazon today launches its fashion and sports stores in Brazil. As EXAME said, the company now sells clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, as well as sporting goods. In total there are 350 thousand products.

Virtual stores operate in the marketplace system, with other suppliers offering products on the retail platform. Most of these partners are the fashion brands themselves. Some of them even have custom pages on the Amazon website. This is the case of Levi & # 39; s, Reserva, Animale, Capodarte, Le Lis Blanc and Havaianas.

There will also be a selection of designers, with names such as Reinaldo Lourenço and Jack Vartanian, as well as selections for handmade, sustainable products and models with a larger size.

The company does not announce how many brands are part of the market, but claims that there are hundreds of partners, 25 of whom are not present on the internet at another market. The retailer charges a rate of 20% on the sale of the fashion segment and 15% in the case of sporting goods.

To mark the launch, there will be a 70% discount in the first two weeks of use of the new marketplace. "But our idea is not to be an outlet, nor to sell remnants of collection," says Otávio Alves, general manager of Amazon Moda for Brazil.

PrintScreen - Mode Amazon Fashion Marketplace

Amazon Fashion Marketplace (Amazon / Reproduction)

Whoever determines the price of products on the Amazon market are the brands themselves, Alves explains. They are also the ones who manage the logistics of delivery of purchases. Amazon comes with the technology behind the marketplace (which targets the billionaire investments of the company), customer service and showcase, as well as purchase facilities such as installments up to ten times interest free.

In order to remain with the retailer's partners, however, brands must adhere to the company's quality rules, which, for example, set strict deadlines for delivery.

For the consumer it should be possible in the eyes of the management to be able to buy different items in one place and compare prices between different brands with just a few clicks.

With the new company, Amazon is starting to compete with consolidated names in the Brazilian market, such as Netshoes and Dafiti. It is worth remembering that Netshoes had enough problems before seeing even the largest online retailer in the world. In the last quarter, the company reported a loss of 38.1 million reais and its shares fell 21% on the New York Stock Exchange.

Five and a half years ago, Amazon only worked in Brazil with the sale of books in the first four years here. In 2017, it began to diversify its portfolio, first with the sale of electronics and then with the segment for home and kitchen. In both cases the retailer only acts in the market model.

With the advance in the fashion industry, they are starting to reduce the items that Amazon still does not offer in Brazil. In the United States, the company already sells food, cosmetics, furniture and even cars. The company does not reveal what its next limit will be here. But, given the latest moves, it should not be too late.

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