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Residents of São Bernardo have, since yesterday, rejected the application of St. Bernard, technology that facilitates citizens' access to municipal services, such as paying debts and consulting certificates. The tool was developed by employees in the field of information technology, as a result of which contracts with private companies were no longer necessary for creating and maintaining them. It is expected that at least 150 thousand people will participate in the service.

Among the services available at São Bernardo do Palmela are the planning for the five units of Aentially Bem, issuing certificates, generating barcodes for payments and installments, IPTU second issue problem (Predial and urban territorial tax) and cadastral change (address, telephone and e-mail), consultation of fines and issuing of duplicates, follow-up of coupons and winners of the Nota 1000 program, access to, among other things, Municipal News.

"Today, information should be available online as much as possible, and the public service still sends a lot, I think it can go much further," said Mayor Orlando Morando (PSDB). The app is available for Android or iOS smartphones. The user must only register personal data and documents that are necessary for the consultation.

The student Ana Júlia Coutinho, 16, was enthusiastic about the novelty. "I think it's important for the city to follow our time, nowadays we do everything online, order food, take classes, even work, and the city has to accompany the service with us," he said. For her, one of the most interesting services is the guide of the city, with the spread of cultural and sporting activities.

"The big challenge is to show that city hall is important in people's lives, and if you become bureaucratic, it is clear that citizens expect more health, better transport and education, but there is nothing that causes more indignation than bureaucracy, "he explains. the mayor, with the promise that the app will soon receive new services.

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