Bancrios has a proposal to adjust 5% and a renewal of the agreement for two years

The banks' proposal this Saturday includes a real increase of 1.18% in all salary ranges and guarantee of all rights. Category of assembly assemblies on Wednesday (29)

(25) proposed an amendment and renewal of 5% of all clauses of the Collective Labor Agreement for the whole of the Netherlands, for two years. The proposal will be submitted next Wednesday by the trade unions category (29).

The percentage is allocated to all funds, such as tips, meal and meal vouchers, childcare, profit sharing or results, and includes a real increase of 1.18%, considered as an annual inflation rate estimated at 3.78%.

The salary proposal of Fenaban, presented at the 10th meeting with the National Banking Command, concerns all banks of private and public institutions.

The guarantee of preserving all rights provided for in the national agreement is a surplus of the labor reform that the Michel Temer government has brought.

With the "reform", for example, companies can exclude employees from the agreements that are considered "hypersufficient" for receiving salaries above R $ 11,291.60 (twice the INSS ceiling). The proposal negotiated on this Saturday extended to all wage unions.

The banks' intention to make the PLR ​​payment proportional to maternity leave and sick leave or accident has also been exceeded and will be fully received.

The collective agreement, if the proposal is approved, is valid until August 31, 2020. On September 1 of next year, preventive inflation (INPC) and 1% of the real increase.

The coordinators of the National Banking Command, Juvandia Moreira (president of National Confederation of employees in the financial sector, Contraf-CUT) and Ivone Silva (president of the banking union of So Paulo, Osasco and Regio).

Public banks

After the formal conclusion of Fenaban's general proposal, the negotiations between the directors of the Bank of Brazil and the Commission of the employees' employees and of the federal cashier and the executive committee of the employees were extended by the dawn of Sunday ( 26). On Wednesday there will also be meetings of BB and Caixa bankers to discuss the specific proposals. Read about meetings with BB and the box on the Contraf-CUT page.

The president of the organization, Juvandia Moreira, pointed out the seriousness with which the order led the negotiations, the first after the approval of the "reform of labor" and in the midst of a crisis scenario provoked by the government of Michel Temer.

"In times of coup d'état and withdrawal of rights, which are trying to weaken the working class, the bankers at the negotiating table could guarantee a real higher rise and all rights of the CCT, for each category," says Juvandia. According to her, the national unity between public and private bankers is strengthened. "A campaign in a difficult year in which we can become opportunities together."

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