Caixa reduces the interest on real estate loans

Caixa announced a reduction in interest rates on real estate loans and an increase in the quota for financing used real estate financing from this Friday (24). Interest rates fall by 0.5 percentage point for operations with funds from the Brazilian savings and loan system (SBPE). The minimum rate varies from 9% per year to 8.75% for real estate in the Housing Finance System (SFH), for homes up to R $ 800 thousand across the country, with the exception of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Distrito Federal Federal, where the limit is R $ 950 thousand). For houses above the SFH limits, ie included in the Real Estate Financing System (SFI), the minimum return fell from 10% to 9.5% per year.

In addition, the financing of used real estate had a high quota limit of 70% to 80%.

In a note, the president of Caixa, Nelson Antônio de Souza, says that the lowering of interest rates facilitates access to their own home and contributes to the resumption of investments in the construction sector. "Caixa is the most important financial housing agent to continue to offer the best rates and conditions for our customers, and to collaborate with the resumption of investment in the real estate market and production chains," he says.

This year, Caixa R has $ 82.1 billion available for home loans. According to the statement, the bank also maintains leadership in the sector with 69.3% of operations to buy the house itself.

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