Correios has a profit of R $ 111 million in the 2nd quarter, the best result since 2014

The post office closed the second quarter of 2018 with a net profit of

R $ 111 million, the best result of the company since 2014 and more than double that of the same period last year.

ECT still has a loss of R $ 120 million. Nevertheless, the performance is 91.7% better than in the first half of 2017.

According to Carlos Fortner, who took over the presidency of the post office in May, leaving the order over the financial area of ​​the state, thus reducing the result. This was partly due to the increase in order transport (18.2%), with a higher margin of financial result. In the same period, the postal business declined by 4.7%. Revenues in the first half reached R $ 9.2 billion, compared with R $ 8.6 billion in the same period last year.

In 2017, the Post reported a total gain of R $ 667 million, but this result was strongly influenced by the inclusion of provisions related to health insurance agreements, with an impact of approximately R $ 1 billion in the accounts. .

"This year we need to show the operating profit, we may not get as good a balance as last year, but when we remove the results of the agreement, we see a significant improvement.

In 2016 closed ECT in the red, with a loss of R $ 1.48 billion, reaching the negative balance R $ 2.12 billion in 2015.

Between last year and this year, the Post registered around 8,000 redundancies through its voluntary dismissal program. Today, the company employs approximately 106 thousand people, and Fortuné confirmed that by October the state-owned company would have to close 41 own stores that were "overshadowed" by other business units.

The post office has about 6,000 own stores across the country. O Estado de S. Paulo had expected the way to cut back in the light of the severe financial crisis experienced by the state.With the closing of their own branches it saves money the office costs the maintenance or rent of the premises and reduces the number of employees. "These are situations that have let real estate, fixed costs and can be served by other units, we will mobilize employees for other posts, only this will generate an economy of more R $ 1.5 million per month", commented [19659002] The franchised agencies are selected through a public offer and are reimbursed with a percentage of the revenues from telephony. Currently they are just over a thousand and offer almost all postal services from their own agencies, but do not act as bank correspondents. There are negotiations, so that the franchisees can also offer financial services through the Postal Bank. A public notice should be published by the end of the year to rent "modular stores" with simplified installation of service counters

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