Cumulatively, Mega-Sena can pay $ 23 million this Saturday – Mega-Sena

  To compete for the Mega-Sena prize, you must choose at least six numbers from the 60 available
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. If you want to compete for the Mega-Sena prize, you have to choose at least six numbers from the 60 available

A lucky man can win up to $ 23 million in the next Mega-Sena competition, which on Saturday (18) is being held. The price collected
, After no one hit the six dozen of the draw last Thursday (16).

However, the Mega-Sena
allowed many people to smile at random. The corner had 48 winning bets, with each player gambling $ 30,930.59. The court had 3,638 winning bets, each with R $ 583.00

To participate, it is necessary to make a minimum bet of R $ 3.50 on one of the 13,000 lotteries
Throughout the country, gamblers can also participate in the draw via the internet. The service runs from 8 am to 10 pm, except on trekking days, when the bets close at 7 pm and return at 9 pm for the next match.

This is a competition held by Box
Federal economy that can pay millions to the bettor who gets six numbers, who are drawn at least twice a week – usually from Wednesday and Saturday. It is still possible to win smaller prizes by setting four (Quadra) or five tens (Quina).

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The player can choose the numbers of the bet himself or try his luck with the "Surprise", where the system chooses the numbers.

Playing in the Mega-Sena

  To win the main prize of the Mega-Sena, it is necessary to hit the six numbers
iG São Paulo

To win the main prize of the Mega-Sena win, you have to hit the six drawn numbers in the competition

. The first prizes are usually around R $ 2.5 million for those who beat six dozen. The amount comes to every game without a winner. You can also win prizes by setting 4 or 5 numbers from the 60 available on the wheel of bets. To do this, you must select 6 to 15 steering wheel numbers.

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The gross premium of Mega-Sena
corresponds to 46% of the collection. Of this percentage, 35% is divided among the hitters of the 6 drawn numbers, 19% of the 5-hitters (Quina), 19% of the 4-hitters (Quadra), 22% is collected and distributed to the 6-hitters in the final matches 0 or 5 and 5% have been collected for the first band (Sena) of the last match of the year of end zero or 5.

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