Dollar trades higher for the 7th day, above R $ 4, and Stock Exchange drops; follow – Economy

the dollar commercial rose and the stock market fell Thursday (23). Around 1:00 PM the currency increased by 0.88% to R $ 4,092 on the sale, after a lower subscription earlier. At the same time, the Ibovespa, the most important index of the Brazilian stock exchange, fell by 0.95% to 76,172.4 points.

On the eve, the dollar closed with a recovery of 0.46%, quoted at R $ 4,056 on sale, followed in the sixth advance. It was the highest closing value since February 16, 2016, when the currency ended the day with a value of R $ 4,071.

The value of the dollar published daily by the press, including the UOL, refers to the commercial dollar. For tourists, The value is always higher than that mentioned in the commercial exchange.

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Elections and trade war

Even without predicting a further voter turnout in this session, investors continue to follow the Brazilian election news after concerns about the prospects for the election led the dollar to R $ 4 levels.

Abroad, the United States and China intensified their commercial war on Thursday with the approval of 25% rates for $ 16 billion in merchandise, although officials on both sides resumed negotiations in Washington.

The world's two largest economies have since the beginning of July introduced tariffs for a combined $ 100 billion of raw materials, with even more, increasing the risks of global economic growth.

BC & # 39; s performance

In this session, the Central Bank sold 4,800 traditional currency swaps, equal to the future sale of dollars, to sell the month of September, accounting for US $ 5255 billion.

If you keep this daily offer and sell it by the end of the month, you have played the full role.

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