Fire for the Petrobras refinery

A major fire in the facilities of Petrobras' largest refinery in Paulínia (São Paulo state) has ceased operations since Monday night (20), but the company said it could guarantee the supply in the short term.

"Petrobras has stored and produced other refineries to ensure the supply of fuel to its customers: the fire-affected part of one of the catalytic cracking units and one of the atmospheric distillation units that form part of the petroleum refining process, but the size of the damage will still go through detailed assessment, "the statement said in a statement to Reuters. Earlier, the chief executive of the company of Refining and Natural Gas, Jorge Celestino, had already noted that "it does not have to worry about the offer for about 15 days." With a production equivalent to about 20% of oil refining in Brazil, Replan has the capacity to process 69 thousand cubic meters per day, corresponding to 434 thousand barrels, according to information on the company's website. Oil refining in Brazil reached 1.82 million barrels per day in June, according to more recent data from the ANP regulator. According to Celestino, the fire in Paulinia was "serious", but did not leave the victims behind. "Our teams are on site to assess the accident, there were no casualties and that is an enormous added value for us", he said by telephone.

The regional coordinator of Sindipetro Unificado de São Paulo, Gustavo Marsaioli, said that the unit that had caught fire had just undergone maintenance. "Luckily it was dinner time and there were no people in the field, it was a serious accident of proportions and should not be resolved within a week." He confirmed Petrobras' information that Paulínia's stocks were high and said that other state refining units had about 70% of the capacity. "There is some time to compensate, and the stocks in Paulínia are longer than a week," Marsaioli said.

The National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP) reported that it has selected a group to monitor the incident.

"Our team is following the causes that are being investigated by Petrobras and its consequences," the director general of the regulator, Décio Oddone, told Reuters.

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