FSB joins Loures and says appetite for acquisitions

FSB, the leading public relations agency, has signed an agreement to join Loures Consultoria, by Alexandre Loures. It is the first company of its kind in 38 years. The contract will not include any exchange of funds – Loures will become part of the FSB membership, which will monitor both agencies. The project is part of a leader's strategy to form a group of agencies under his command. Because the goal is to form a pool of brands, Loures continues to operate independently. The FSB says it makes more sense in more associations and acquisitions.

With a turnover of R $ 240 million, FSB will spend a total revenue of R $ 261 million upon joining Loures. Together, the two companies will have about 800 professionals. Loures was founded three years ago and is now responsible for companies such as Cosan, Votorantim, Ambev, Burger King and Lactalis. "I think we have reached the ceiling of organic growth," says Marcos Trindade, partner at FSB. "We are looking at more acquisition opportunities, also in the digital market, for which we have cash and liquidity."

Another strategy of FSB with this strategy is to reduce dependence on public sector organs' accounts. According to a source near the operation, the company has a big advantage in the markets of Brasilia (where the dispute is donated by the government) and Rio de Janeiro (where state enterprises also carry considerable weight), but it is not so far for competitors. in São Paulo. The acquisition of Loures, aimed at the São Paulo market, comes to balance these differences.

Consolidation. Until now, FSB was left out of the consolidation movement of this market, involving large international communication groups and "made in Brazil" partnerships. Ideal Group – with three branches, Ideal H + K Strategies, Ogilvy PR and Young PR – today has the British giant WPP as partner (the group also has the participation of the Cohn & Wolfe Machine). CDN, after being bought by Grupo ABC, from Nizan Guanaes, came into the hands of American Omnicom.

The agreement with Loures was also facilitated by the recent arrival of a new partner at FSB – Diego Ruiz, a manager who went through EBX-groups (of Eike Batista) and J & F (of JBS and managed by the Batista family). According to Trindade, Ruiz helped organize the company for growth, also through acquisitions. So much, says the executive, that the preparation of the proposal was relatively quick – after the numbers were defined, the "marriage" was sealed in a single meeting.

Loures said that instead of "making a profit" on the operation he started building three years ago, the possibility to become a member of FSB – without currently receiving amounts – is a gamble on the growth potential of the company. The executive, who prior to the opening of Loures's head of communications for drinks giant Ambev, says that the market has accepted the agency's proposal, which preaches the knowledge of the sectors in which its customers operate. "With FSB we are well positioned to become key players in the market," he said.

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