Government studies to create a positive register to classify taxpayers

BRASÍLIA – The federal tax authorities and the office of the National Treasury of the Attorney General

PGFN ) are studying the establishment of a mechanism to classify taxpayers on the basis of their risk profile. The idea is to develop a positive tax register which would serve as a basis for the entities to give the taxpayer a different treatment based on each payment and default history.

Thus, taxpayers are classified as low risk and with a positive track record, will have "differentiated treatment" in the health services, as well as in debt collection and settlement procedures. According to the PGFN this treatment could reduce the costs for taxpayers, well classified in the tax register.

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On the other hand, the tool allows to offer procedures for tougher taxpayers who do not take into account deadlines or only use the judiciary to postpone the payment of taxes. "Taxpayers classified as high risk, classified as persistent debtors, would suffer from co-incumbent debt collection procedures appropriate to the risk of default that they represent for society as a whole," the organ said in a document used to subsidize the discussions [19659007] The positive tax register would cover debts recorded in the Active Debt of the Union, including federal taxes such as corporation tax (IRPJ), the tax on industrialized products (IPI), PIS and Cofins.

The attorney general's office examines whether it is possible to administer the tax register administratively, through a decision of the agency based on the legislation in force.

The criteria to be considered in order to positively or negatively influence the classification of the taxpayer's risk profile in the land register, the number of profile levels and the benefits offered to the good payers were placed in a public consultation.

Government studies to create a positive register to classify contributors


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