In exchange houses the dollar is already sold for R $ 4.50. See what you have to do

São Paulo – Everyone who travels abroad or makes other costs dollar She has raised her hair the last few days. The price of the US currency rose and reached the maximum of 4.0899 reais on Wednesday (22), the highest level since February 2016.

In exchange offices, the dollar in kind is already traded at 4.27 reais, according to the comparator of rates MelhorCâ Recharge travel maps prepaidthe quote comes close to 4.50 reais. These prices are already included IOF (Tax on financial transactions), which is 1.10% for currency in kind and 6.38% for prepaid cards.

In the year the dollar already accumulates more than 20%, while in 12 months until yesterday the currency has already risen more than 30%. The rise of the American currency, according to economists heard by the EXAME website, reflects the fear of the market to choose a less favorable government in October to approve the necessary reforms to make the economy grow again.

"The market in the price of the American currency remains the contradictions between the intentions and gestures of the presidential candidates (at least in the field of taxation) and the inability of candidate Geraldo Alckmin to proceed to second place in the polls. latest research shows a progress by former president Lula that causes internal nervousness in the skin ", says André Perfeito, chief economist at Spinelli Corretora.

Pesquisa Datafolha, released today, showed that former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva retains leadership in the intentions of votes, by 39%. The candidate Jair Bolsonaro appears in the series, with 19%. Marina Silva has 8%, Geraldo Alckmin 6% and Ciro Gomes 5%.

According to Fernando Bergallo, director of FB Wealth, the fragmentation of the electoral scenario suggests caution. "It is unknown who will be the next president of Brazil and how economic policy will be pursued, which will leave the investor withdrawn, take money from the country or stop investing here," he says.

"As the chances of a second round between Haddad (Lula & # 39; s deputy) and Bolsonaro increase, while Alckmin can no longer win support, the dollar will continue to rise, there is no ceiling, but it will certainly pass the 4.20 reais as this scenario becomes more likely, "he says. "But of course everything is possible: if Alckmin or even Meirelles get more space, the price can return to 3.70 reais."

Bergallo agrees that the interventions of the Central Bank in exchange by exchange exchange auctions (understand what these operations are and how they work), may become stronger in the short term as the dollar continues to rise. But he says that the intention of the BC alone is to reduce the volatility of the US currency citation, not to change its bullish trajectory.

Average price

Faced with the pressure on the dollar, those who have noticed that they are traveling out of the country or have expected expenses in foreign currency must remain calm. The experts heard by the EXAME website recommend that you buy the dollars needed for travel or payment from accounts abroad on different dates. This allows you to take advantage of varied offers and minimize your risks.

"There's no point in buying the dollar for the best quote, because you'll never get it, if you're traveling in December, buy a little bit now, a little in two months, and the rest a few days. other way, only the formation of an average price will protect who has to buy the dollar, "explains Bergallo.

It is important to know that by following the slow buying strategy, you should not do the shopping randomly. One must commit to always buy dollars on the predefined dates in their original strategy, regardless of the price. You should also view the news.

Moreover, it is always worthwhile to search for the best offer at the time of purchase. Currency houses tend to embed the dollar rates at rates that reflect the cost of their activities, so the value varies from place to place – and in some cases the difference can be large.

On the website of the Central Bank it is possible to use the professional ranking tool, which shows the total effective value (VET) of the conversion of foreign currencies into various exchange offices. The TEV includes the exchange rate, rates and taxes that are levied on the conversion, and shows the final cost of the purchase.

Prepaid card

If you go abroad, it is recommended that you take a smaller part of the cash and put the majority on a prepaid card.

This will protect you in case of theft or loss, as the prepaid card can be easily blocked and replaced wherever you are. Cash, when lost, there is nothing that can be done, and you get the loss.

The cards have different flags, are accepted worldwide and can be requested at exchange offices, exchange offices, online or even by telephone.

Charging can be done remotely and you can manage the expense statement online. It is therefore also a good option for parents who, for example, allow their children to study abroad.

However, it is important to remember that the IOF that is charged for filling the dollar on prepaid cards is 6.38%, while the rate for the purchase of the currency in kind is 1.10%. But it pays to pay a little more for safety and convenience, according to experts.

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