Justice uses glyphosate free in Brazil and Blairo Maggi celebrates

Considered by the WHO as a "probably carcinogenic", glyphosate is marketed in products of different brands, the best known being that of Monsanto.



23 Aug 2018, 20:17 – Posted on Aug 23, 2018, 9:16 PM

The court earlier this month revoked a decision of the court with the suspension of product registrations with glyphosate, a widely used herbicide ingredient in Brazil, Minister Blairo Maggi said of agriculture on Thursday.

"Good news !!! It has just been withdrawn from the order prohibiting the use of glyphosate in Brazil", wrote the minister in his official Twitter account.

The decision was rejected following an appeal by the Advocate General of the Union on Wednesday (AGU). In its appeal to the federal regional court of the First Region (TRF-1), the AGU defended the immediate withdrawal of the ban and noted that the obstacle, if maintained, would constitute a "serious risk of damage to the economic order" and billions of reais. would yield. trade balance.

Glyphosate is a herbicide that is used extensively Brazilian cropsespecially in the soy, the most important export product of Brazil, the largest exporter of oilseeds worldwide. Has been considered "probably carcinogenic" by the World Health Organization since 2015 (WHO), glyphosate is marketed in products of different brands, of which the most famous is RoundUp, manufactured by the American group Monsanto, which now belongs to the German giant Bayer.

The order was withdrawn because farmers are preparing to plant the new crop in the coming weeks, which should bring more peace of mind to a sector that plans to plant a record surface area of ​​over 36 million hectares in the 2018/1919 season. .

The AGU stressed that if the decision were not to be repealed, Brazil would be the first country to completely restrict the use of glyphosate, which would most likely encourage most farmers to stop using the non-built-up modality and re-introduce itself. prepare, to a certain extent, the soil, with obvious losses to the environment (erosion, reduction of the organic matter content in the soil, increased fuel consumption, etc.).

Earlier this month, the federal deputy judge of the 7th federal district court, Luciana Raquel Tolentino de Moura, had ruled that there were no new product registrations containing glyphosate, abamectin and dextrins in agrochemicals by the public ministry.

The case concerns companies such as Monsanto, bought by Bayer, which, for example, markets transgenic soybeans that are resistant to the herbicide glyphosate, which is being planted on a large scale in Brazil.

In a recent technical note, the Ministry of Agriculture recalled that glyphosate is a herbicide widely used in agriculture worldwide, accounting for more than 50% of all agrochemical and related applications in Brazil and worldwide.


Bayer reported that the number of lawsuits in the United States against the newly acquired Monsanto rose to around 8,000 after the company was ordered to pay compensation for the use of a glyphosate herbicide.

Bayer shares have fallen by more than 10 percent since Monsanto was sentenced on August 10 to pay $ 289 million in damages in the first of possibly thousands of US lawsuits against glyphosate herbicides such as Roundup and Ranger Pro.

The results for the second quarter, scheduled for September 5, are expected to include costs with legal protection, but no amount will be set aside for possible future damages, said Wolfgang Nickl, financial vice president.

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