McDonald's employees crossed in 10 American cities for sexual harassment – internationally

McDonald's officials held a # 1 Minute strike this week, in 10 cities across the United States, to denounce that the fast food giant is not adequately engaged in sexual harassment at its branches.

The organizers said the strike was the first of its kind and is aimed at ending McDonald's inability to put an end to racism, lascivious comments and sex bids in its restaurants.

Inspired by the #MeToo movement against sexual violence, officials indicated that their experiences reflect a culture of restaurants where sexual harassment is normalized.

On a small protest outside the company's headquarters in Chicago, workers and sympathizers held signs, sang and detailed examples of their own experiences.

"I am stopping and stopping here today for a change," said Theresa Cervantes, a 20-year-old McDonald's employee who denounced her managers to harass their employees on a regular basis.

Similar scenes were seen in nine other cities, including Kansas City, Saint Louis and Durham, where officials protested at some outlets.

The strike comes four months after women working for McDonald's in nine cities across the country are filing charges against an assault on the company's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Officials want the fast food giant to form a committee – made up of employees and representatives of national women's organizations – to tackle the problem of sexual assault.

McDonald & # 39; s did not respond to requests for positioning.

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