New coup in the square: mobile phone cloning

The Brazilian has become the target of a new coup: the cloning of mobile devices. In just four months, telecom operators and the government themselves saw an almost tenfold increase in the number of cases. The increase began to take hold after the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) began automatically blocking invalid registration phones on the country's telephone network due to stolen or counterfeit phones. This record, the Imei – International Identity of Mobile Equipment – is unique for every device, such as the chassis number of a car.

Because the gangs stealing and stealing mobile phones through Brazil have realized that a device with the invalid Imei will not work on the networks of the operators, they began to clone valid records to keep the illegal market profitable. Data from the sector indicate that in Brasilia and Goias, where the blockade of invalid immeasures has already begun, the number of cloned devices increased from 5,061 cases in March to 50,115 in June this year – an increase of 890%.

According to a source in the industry, it is estimated that between March and June only four million mobile phones with invalid Imeis have entered the telephone system, of which 880,000 are cloned terminals across the country. Anatel itself admits that there is a growing trend in the number of device clones.

– The problem is that the gangs will try to circumvent the system and sell stolen and counterfeit mobile phones with cloned Imeis. Because it is a clone of a valid Imei, the system will not block. But there is a growing trend. We are therefore looking for ways to reduce the impact on the consumer who has become a victim of cloning. He will have to prove that he is a victim, goes to the operator's or manufacturer's store and proves that he is in a normal situation, "explains João Zanon, Regulatory Coordinator for Anatel.

However, there is no date for this to happen, emphasizes Zanon.

– But you must see the benefit that this will entail, namely the fight against the stolen terminals and their marketing. If the consumer does not regularize his situation within 75 days of the first warning, he will be blocked – remember.

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