New Jetta 2019 is less "unclear" and completely overhauled

Less grotesque, serious and elegant, the new Jetta arrives in Brazil with a more sporty look and with automatic gearshift of 6 and 8 gears

by BORIS FELDMAN26-08-2015 at 10:30

The new Jetta 2019 has already made the faces in Argentina and soon he has to get off here. With the new redesign, it comes with a more sporty and less grubby look.


In the end, Volkswagen decided to launch a new genuine Jetta, with the same platform that the Golf and other more modern of the Volkswagen group. The Jetta remains from Mexico, however with 1.4 engine flex of 150 horses and 2.0 turbo of 220 horses. The changes are automatically made with 6 or 8 gears. Between the axles and the length were increased and so it was closer to the dimensions of the old Passat.

The styling team of Volkswagen, who designed the new Jetta 2019, must have had an "anti-tickle" tea and the car lost that "sticky" air, good-natured, pretty serious, pretty square. He was more modern, sportier, but nothing to dare because it was too much to ask. It has already been presented in Argentina and is expected to arrive at the Motor Show in Brazil in November.

new jetta 2019
(Volkswagen | Disclosure)

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