Petrobras sees a risk of diesel shortages with a new ANP formula

The main point of criticism is that the calculation would lead to a reduction of the current reference price for ignoring the costs of the internalization of imported diesel

for granting subsidies on the diesel from August 31, this could lead to a shortage of supplies to the country.

The program was created in June as a result of the historic strike of truck drivers, diesel prices. In the beginning, a Petrobras prize was used as a reference before the intensification of the protests in May.

But later the ANP decided that a new formula would be drawn up from 31 August.

During a public hearing to discuss the new

When registering for participation in the program, companies have to freeze the diesel prices and the company's Marketing and Marketing Executive Director, Guilherme França, defended the fact that the municipality has adopted the current methodology for maintain the calculation of the subsidy. at levels determined by the government, count that they will be repaid up to 30 cents of real per liter, depending on market conditions.

However, the formula presented by the municipality that was in force from 31 August was not well received by the market

The main criticism is that the calculation would lead to a reduction of the reference price which is currently mainly applied and for not considering internal costs of imported diesel, taking into account only the costs for the port.

"We see a lot of difficulties, I think it will make the delivery of imported products unfeasible within the framework of the subsidy program." Petrobras itself, with the current management system, I doubt whether it would be allowed by the board of directors to introduce a product with a high risk of injury, "said França during his presentation

. ANP generates a "potential shortage risk".

For Petrobras, the price to be determined by the subsidy program must take into account all amounts set by a company that imports the product to the point of sale. "We do not see economic rationality, the price of the subsidy is the price on the coast, which is the cheapest, it should be the average price of the whole region", said France.

Petrobras argues that the current calculation method must be maintained. Although not ideal, France said that companies are already familiar and have learned to deal with them.

Plural, an association representing fuel distributors in Brazil, was in the same line. In his contribution to the public consultation, he stated in a document that "the parametric formula proposed by the ANP promotes a wrong match between the reference prices, since it can not cover all the costs of the import process, thereby distorting the conditions of competition on the market. (19659007) Also present at the public hearing the chairman of the Brazilian fuel importers association (Abicom), Sergio Araújo, said that the method presented by the ANP worsens the scenario of the subsidy program, which he said has hampered his nine member companies because it has set a benchmark figure below the ideal.

The ANP, which held the public hearing on Friday, can take into account the complaints from industry players to create a resolution that will govern the calculation method. the diesel subsidy program would, however, end until the end of the year.


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