Result of the Mega Sena 2072 draw of 25 August 2018

The Mega-Sena pays millions for the hitter of the drawn 6 numbers. It is still possible to win prizes by setting 4 or 5 numbers from the 60 available on the wheel of bets. To achieve the dream to be the next millionaire, you have to choose 6 to 15 steering wheel numbers, so that the system can choose numbers for you (Surprise) and / or with the same bet can compete for 2, 4 or 8 consecutive matches (Teimosinha).


The Mega-Sena draws are held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


The minimum bet of 6 numbers costs R $ 3.50. The more numbers you score, the higher your bet and the greater the chance that you will win the most coveted prize in the country.


The gross premium is equivalent to 45.3% of the collection, already calculated as a supplement to the Ministry of Sport. From this percentage:

35% is distributed among the hitters of the 6 signed numbers (Sena);

19% of the 5-number hitters (Quina);

19% among 4-hitters (Quadra);

22% is collected and distributed to the 6-hitters in the last matches 0 or 5.

5% is collected for the first number – sena – of the last game of the last year 0 or 5 (Mega da Virada).

Receipt of awards

You can receive your prize at any recognized lottery house or at the cashier's branches. If the net premium exceeds R $ 1,332.78 (excluding R $ 1,903.98), the payment can only be made at the Caixa sites. Values ​​equal to or higher than R $ 10,000.00 are paid after 2 days of presentation in the Caixa branch.


If there is no winner in a number, the value is collected for the next match, in the respective prize pool. Check your gambling voucher.

Prices are due 90 days after the draw date. After this period, the amounts will be transferred to the national treasury for application in the FIES Fund for student finance for higher education.

Prices and Odds

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