The bribery operator has handled R $ 1.8 billion to banks

Brazil 247 – The businessman and financial operator of São Paulo, Adir Assad, arrested in the prison of the federal police in Curitiba, said in a statement to the court that he was about R $ 1, 8 billion to 14 years had dealt with agencies from six banks, according to a report from the State of São Paulo. With the help of front companies, the operator has issued cold banknotes by contractors in cash. According to Assad, the fate of the money was the tilting of operators and public agents.

Lava Jato arrested Assad testified to Judge Marcelo Bretas, head of the operation in Rio de Janeiro, and said he won the managers of the agencies by "handles", never directly pay bribes. "We bought insurance, private consortia, offered for manager shows and event tickets," said Assad, who also acted in the event sector.

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