The Venezuelan currency loses five zeros and is now called bolivar sovereign – News ” width=”600″ height=”300″/> President Nicolás Maduro presents new banknotes, the sovereign bolívar Venezuelan banks will make the night of this year

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      President Nicolás Maduro presents new banknotes, the sovereign bolívar

    Sunday (18) an electronic blackout as part of the currency conversion process that allows five zeros of the national currency, the bolivar, be eliminated, who will carry the surname "sovereign" from this Monday.

    Sudeban (Superintendence of banking sector in Venezuela), who recalled that banks will not offer services on their offices, offices and external funds on Monday, detailed in their Twitter account the number of hours that electronic banks will not work in each entity [19659006] The banking entity that will need it longer to adjust its platform, and according to Sudeban, its banking services have already been interrupted and 23 hours, while others, such as Banesco and Mercantil, have interruptions of at least 10 hours.

    Public and private banks have not served in their office since Friday because of this conversion that "facilitates" the economic and commercial transactions in the country, immersed in hyperinflation, which, according to the estimates of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), year will close at 1,000,000%.

    financial institutions have had the task of informing the social networks about how the new banknotes will be and how much will correspond with what will come into effect on Monday, which has been proclaimed by the Nicolás Maduro government as a vacation for conversion to ease.

    From Monday, the new monetary family will live with the valuable accounts until their extinction, because the less than 1,000 bolivars already

    In addition, all wages, prices of goods and services, checks and other adjusted to the new nominal value of the national currency.

    Due to conversion and uncertainty of traders and Venezuelans in general in connection with this and other economic measures taken by President Nicolás Maduro, some stores that operate on Sundays have been closed since this afternoon. Others did not even open their doors.

    Something similar happened on Saturday, after Maduro's abrupt wage increase, except that the places they opened were full of people because of the fear of a possible price increase [19659013] The new minimum wage

    The government announced on Friday an increase in the minimum wage of employees up to 35 times higher than the current minimum, which corresponds to 723 bolívares or $ 45, according to the current official reference rates in the country.

    In addition, the government has communicated that it will deliver to the ruling National Constituent Assembly (ANC).

    The salary will increase from 5,196,000 Bolivars to 180,000,000, an amount that will be expressed in Bolivars ") a bill to amend several laws to introduce the new tax and taxation system with which the taxes on the added taxes value, income and large transactions can be increased

    Mature announce or the extension of the count of carriers until the 30th of this month and in September should be the beginning of the increase of petrol which will be "progressive" after " perfection "of the new fuel payment system.

    Because of these measures, three opposition parties, Causa R of the leader Andrés Velásquez, the People & # 39; s Will (VP) under the leadership of politician arrested Leopoldo López and the First Justice (PJ) of the former President of the Parliament, called for a strike and a national protest on Tuesday

    According to Valásquez, the strike will today "for a certain time ", although he also said that this is" a first step in a combat agenda that will certainly have other interruptions ".

    "The measures announced in the last Friday there is no economic recovery plan for the country, they are not, on the contrary, what it represents for the Venezuelan people is more famine, it is more devastation, more poverty, more suffering, more pain, more inflation, "said the politician.

    The Venezuelan parliament has also today announced that it has called a special session on the following Tuesday in order to: & # 39; the consequences & # 39; of economic measures.

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