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Toyota Hilux 2019 is being launched with a new design and more equipment.

One of the largest companies in the world, Toyota Motor Corporation, a Japanese car manufacturer, is with a new launch on the international market. This is the model Toyota Hilux, which appears with a new design for the consumer's audience and comes with more equipment, with which a maximum price of maximum is reached R $ 196,990.

The front of it was described again and became more imposing. That is why the truck has undergone significant changes, with more standard equipment, which in fact made the vehicle expensive because of the supplement in all its configurations.

In this way, the new model of Toyota Hilux already has prices for Brazil, rising from R $ 111,990, in the option equipped with double cabin Flex 4 for 2 (SR), equipped with the manual replacement, to R $ 196,990, making it the top of the line is automatic in terms of Turbo-Diesel 4 at 4 SRX.

One of the most important alternations on the van, for example on the front, is: the installation of a completely redesigned bumper and grill; has a new pair of headlights equipped with projectors and LED daytime running lights, all integrated into a more expensive configuration.

The same list with new features and specifications includes: alloy wheels with radius 18-ring; equipped with seven airbags; carrying the presence key that enables the start by means of a button; function of descent assistance and the presence of the electrochromic rearview mirror in the SRV intermediate version.

With regard to the version of title SRX, it has a seabed; equipped with benches with perforated coating; the interior is black, has a new instrument panel and the wheels are unique.

The air conditioning system is generally digital in this series since the SR version.

According to information obtained from Toyota's product management department, the aim is to improve the competitiveness of retail sales, ie sales between individuals and participation in direct sales, in this case fleet and companies.

Therefore there is an estimate that there will still be about 40,000 registrations in the same year 2018, given a verified 15% increase in commercialization of vehicles, according to the company, according to the accumulated until July, whose statistics record commercialization of 20,521 units .

Although the classic look has been retained, the STD versions are equipped with daylight lamps; from the Follow me Home, which ensures that the headlights stay on for a few seconds after the vehicle is switched off, next to the seats that are now covered with synthetic material.

With regard to mechanics, the information is as follows:

They are installed with the same engines from before, ie type 2.8 Turbo Diesel, with performances of 177 CV, in addition to 45,5 mkgf, with an automatic and also manual gearbox in six gears; as well as a 2.7-liter Flex engine with 163 hp performance and more than 25 mkgf of torque, with a six-speed automatic transmission and a five-speed manual transmission.

The list of versions, with adjusted prices, follows below:

The Hilux CD flex 4 for 2 SR MT, price: 111.990;

The Hilux CD flex 4 by 2 SR AT, price: 117.990;

The Hilux CD flex 4 on 2 SRV MT, price: 129.990;

The Hilux CD flex 4 by 2 SRV AT, price: 140.990;

The Hilux CS turbo diesel 4 by 4 STD chassis, price: 121.530;

The Hilux CD turbodiesel 4 by 4 STD, price: 125.560;

The Hilux CD turbo-diesel 4 by 4 STD Narrow MT, price: 138.010;

The Hilux CD turbo diesel 4 by 4 STD Power Pack, price: 140.490;

The Hilux CD turbo-diesel 4 at 2 SR AT, price: 160.490;

The Hilux CD turbodiesel 4 by 4 SRV AT, price: 179.990;

The Hilux CD turbodiesel 4 at 4 SRX AR, price: 196,990.

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Toyota Hilux 2019

Toyota Hilux 2019

Toyota Hilux 2019

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