Truckers can strike again on day 9

247 – Truck drivers can stop again in September, after a strike that lasted 11 days in May and caused the collapse of the supply of products in the country.The information comes from the UDC (Union of lorry drivers), who issued a note on this subject but has not been confirmed.

The entity announces in a note that it will put a national stop on road transport on 9 September. The entity applies the inspection in accordance with the table with minimum values ​​for road freight transport, one of the agreements between the federal government and the category in May.

The UDC also requests the dissolution of ANTT's board of directors (National Land Transport Agency), compliance with inspection and publication of inspection points by the regulatory authority and space for representatives of truck drivers in the Executive, Operational and Administration Council of the ANTT.

The truck drivers stopped in May due to the high diesel prices, as a result of the Petrobras pricing policy, which bases its value on the dollar. The responsible for the collapse, Pedro Parente, eventually left the presidency of the state-owned company, but the pricing policy was maintained. The federal government itself estimates that the crisis caused by Parente caused a loss of R $ 15.9 billion at closing.

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