With electoral research, the dollar exceeds the $ 4 mark after 30 months

With the dissemination of the election surveys, the dollar was strong on Tuesday, 21. At 5.25 am, the dollar tourism cash was found in cash up to R $ 4.44, according to a survey of the MeuCâmbio.com.br website. In the prepaid card the value R $ 4.63.

All the commercial dollar was 2.13% higher than the R $ 4 figure. The currency closed the day at R $ 4.04, the highest closing value since February 18, 2016.

The US currency went into $ 4 for the first time in 2015, on September 22nd. The unprecedented level was reached in that session because of the political risk in the country. Concerns about the Brazilian fiscal crisis dominated the market and investors ruled that the government of the then president Dilma Rousseff could not make any adjustments to the Congress.

Yesterday the currency closed in one and a half years at the highest quota

Yesterday the currency closed in one and a half years at the highest quota

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the commercial dollar is used by companies, banks and governments for activities in the foreign exchange market, such as financial transfers, export, import, among others.

All the dollar tourism is used for travel, overseas tourist transactions and debit notes in foreign currency on the credit card. It is more expensive because it is calculated on the basis of the commercial dollar plus the costs of the exchange offices with logistical, administrative and insurance matters in the event of theft, since transactions with dollar tourism are made in "cash". The commercial dollar transactions are executed electronically.

Just as with the exchange rate, the Exchange also faced a difficult day. Shares of Brazilian companies traded on B3 traded with a loss on the last trading session and Ibovespa, index with the most important local market shares, ended the day with 1.50% on 75.180.40 points.

The top of the coin disturbs tourists

In addition to the dollar, other currencies have become stronger than the real ones. This is the case with the euro, which rose by 6.71% in August alone. On Tuesday, the currency increased by 2.96% compared to the real one.

Nurse Tatiane Costa says she has suffered the appreciation of the currency in recent days. She starts on Wednesday 22, Florence, Italy, where she will take a language course. The proximity of the trip forced her to buy the currency, even at high prices.

"I decided to go there only 20 days, but the loss is going to be great, because last week the coin was about 13 cents cheaper," he says.

In the exchange office where Tatiane was part of his purchase, in a shopping center in the West Zone of São Paulo, the euro was sold at R $ 4.90, around 3.30 PM.

But not all members suffered increasing exchange rates on Tuesday. Musical producers and partners Pedro Vinci and Fernando Rischbieter received their dollar payment for a job that they had carried out earlier this year. Already expected that the volatility of the currencies would increase with the proximity of the elections, they waited to change the money and gain an extra profit.

"When we combined the value of labor, the price of the currency was R $ 3.80 and with the currency at R $ 4 we got a little more", says Pedro.

It is the same situation of Mario Souto, who travels to Portugal every year. With a few euros left from his last trip, he took the opportunity to change the currency. At that moment he says that he has paid about R $ 4 for the currency and has been able to sell it for R $ 4.50 this afternoon.

Election polls have expressed concern

The stock exchange and derivatives manager of Paulista bank Alberto Felix de Oliveira Neto says the scenario of the latest polls – MDA and Ibope, on Monday 20 – has strengthened investors' concerns about who goes to the second round of the presidential election. "The market fears the increase in Lula's intentions to vote and the risk of voting from PT to Fernando Haddad." Bolsonaro and Haddad in the second round are causing major inconveniences for investors, "he says.

On Monday, the US currency closed at R $ 3.9571 – the highest price since February 29, 2016 (R $ 3.9984). Faced with continued appreciation, investors are cautiously amid suspicion and notes that the central bank may be intervening to manage the rising currencies. Higher in seven of the last eight sessions, the dollar collected a profit of 5.12% compared to reality in the period until last Monday 20.


Main index of Brazilian stocks, Ibovespa marked successive minima despite the peaks of the peers on the American market. "The stock market is following the market stress that still resounds the results of the Bolsonaro and PT polls in the second round, it's a completely internal movement," said Álvaro Bandeira, ModalMais partner and chief economist.

The fair closed the day with 1.50%, at 75.180.40 points. The trap is generalized in the actions that integrate the index. Negative highlight of the trading session, Gol papers closed the day in a devaluation of 9.87%. Those from Azul also showed a significant decrease of 3.38%.

In foreign countries, the New York stock exchanges have advanced, with investors hoping to resume talks between the United States and China tomorrow. The agents also reflect Donald Trump's criticism of the Federal Reserve's initiative to tighten monetary policy. In an interview with Reuters, the president said he was "not happy" with the Fed's rate hikes, suggesting that the US central bank should suspend the standardization of its policies if it implements its protectionist policies. / CABINED GABRIEL ROCA

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