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In the fight against breast cancer the presenter of & # 39; É de Casa & # 39; the support of everyone in her profile on Instagram, this Wednesday (5). & # 39; Victory! It is my feeling now. Everything that I have experienced so far has not been easy, but it was possible thanks to the love and affection of my family, friends and yours, & # 39; wrote the wife of Boninho, with whom Isabella

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In the fight against breast cancer Ana Furtado has completed the last chemotherapy session. During the cure of the disease, the presenter of "É de Casa" thanked fans of fans in her Instagram profile, this Wednesday (5). "Victory! It is my feeling at the moment." Going through everything I have experienced so far was not easy, but it was possible thanks to the love and affection of my family, friends and you. Thank you, "said the journalist, who led the new edition of Brazilian Day in New York, in the United States.

Presenter comments on difficult moments of treatment

She received positive energy from the audience and told earlier how she deals with pain and grief. "I also have my sad moments and physical pain, I allow myself to feel, it is a part, it is human and strengthened in contrast to what we imagine, if sorrow is not a weakness, feeling pain is not a choice. and see the good side of life even in moments of vulnerability is a choice and becomes fundamental if you want to live. "Full life has been my motto. In joy, sadness, pain and weakness … Let us live one day at a time as if it were the last even if it's cloudy & # 39; is like today The best day of our lives starts on the same day as every day Enjoy the little things and stay in your heart the things that make you happier Live the life and let your life live from feelings through which they grow and strengthen. "Gratitude," said the wife of Boninho, who received support.

Journalist refers to the importance of animals in the fight against disease

Besides talking about the changes in her diet, Ana also mentioned the benefits that animals brought during treatment. "For anyone who has questions: the contact with dogs and some pets is of fundamental importance for our well-being. Several studies have already verified the importance of these animals in helping the quality of life of patients in the treatment of cancer. They improve our mood, self-respect and minimize stress factors that can occur. However, it is very important to remember that the care with our friend must be doubled at that moment. Because chemotherapy lowers immunity, it is important that we keep our pet healthy. Keep vaccinations and worms on course; Bring it regularly to the vet; Take a bath, keep the hygiene up-to-date; Pet beds and blankets must always be clean. If you have any questions, always consult your doctor, explain how you live with your friend and see which recommendations are in your case. Talking with your pet's vet can also be helpful because he knows your pet's health well. "

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