& # 39; Second Sun & # 39 ;: Laureta will draw up a new plan to damage Luzia

Adriana Esteves is Laureta (Photo: TV Globo)Adriana Esteves is Laureta (Photo: TV Globo)

In the following chapters of "Second sun"Laureta (Adriana Esteves) will prepare a new plan for Luzia (Giovanna Antonelli). It all starts after the cafeteria has deduced that it is brought by Galdino (Narcival Rubens). She will then hire an actress to pretend to be the lost daughter of the DJ and to report to the henchman:

– Galdino! Galdino! Glad I found you alone! You can not imagine what I have, you miser. You will have a face! You know I have many sources … at the police, in the high wheel, in the underworld … I am a very well connected woman and the one with a friend has everything, right? I have moved my chopsticks and discovered the whereabouts of the daughter of Luzia with Beto (Emilio Dantas)!

"Do not tell me?" That's great, "Galdino replied.

– You're going to the bus station tonight to meet the girl and bring her here! Laureta will add.

Shortly thereafter, Galdino will call to give the news to Luzia, which is currently will be accused of killing Remy (Vladimir Brichta). She will be ecstatic and will decide to meet the young woman.


Karola's intimate video is shown to the public

Dodo will discover that he is not the father of Remy

After revenge of Luzia and Roberval Laureta will be prey

In the following scene Laureta appears with Karola (Deborah Secco):

– A toast. It is today that we get Luzia right. A toast at the end of the shellfish.

"Do you think your plan works, Lau?" – will question the comparsa.

РOf course! Luzia will appear at the bus station after her daughter! And if she does, we'll tell the police and put the crustaceans in the xilindró! РLaureta will answer.


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