Anitta is far from social networks after divorce and fans have noticed it!

Nobody has to worry because the artist was not in trouble or something. On the contrary, the singer took advantage of the offline time to make a retreat and keep the good energies up to date. The statement came after the fans started sending messages to the artist, asking what was going on. At least it was for a good cause, right?

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Anitta revealed by his advice from one hour to the other that he separated Thiago Magalhães and then disappeared from social networks. That was of course enough for the fans to worry too much and a lot of messages to the singer in the. To send Instagram, yet? But calm down, it's good! The artist has already demonstrated and explained what is going on!

Many people wondered what a million things, such as the fact that they are in bad condition because of the disintegration or even a new plastic – to which they reacted with a wish & # 39 ;. The truth is that the muse gave a break to relax. "I was a bit off the internet, it was so good, I was meditating for a week and praying, it was wonderful," he revealed in Instagram stories. "I had a week of purification, you only drink juice, water, eat light things, just pray and do nothing but that," the justification concludes.

Anitta also talked about the importance of networking in her life: "I also like the phone, I'm addicted, but a week … But that's all disconnecting, right? It's not a disconnected phone call, and you get out, make you clean yourself in every possible way, "he advises. You are ruined!

Singer participated in "The Voice Brasil"

The artist made this Monday its presence in the program (17) and even spoke about the ingredients & # 39; to be an artist. "For example, I do not think I have the best voice in the world, but I think that in the whole & # 39; cake & # 39 ;, it unites the ingredients and gives a delicious cake," he says. "And what a cake," says Ivete Sangalo.


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