"Avengers", "Black Panther", "It – The Thing" and the films that can win the new Oscar category

After the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced a new category at the Oscars, many people were not happy, but it seems that most – and the boys of Purebreak – remained very enthusiastic about the news.

Although the Academy appealed to this new category with the intention of attracting a larger audience, many Oscar-worthy productions that previously were not, or would never have been. seen by the experts, will eventually compete and make all fans anxious about the outcome. We know that your head was already cooking and wondered which movie could compete – and win! – this new category. So we decided to compile our list of hits that have a chance to get the best:

Avengers: Infinite War

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One of the most successful films, if not the biggest, " Avengers: Infinite War hit theaters in April, but still delivers theories and conclusions.


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  Image not available for "Wonder Woman "-Maravilha" would certainly be on the list of competitors! The film successfully showed the story of the Amazon and made fans even more angry and anxious about the upcoming films of the DC universe. In addition to being the first in the genre with a star. </p>
<h3 style= It – The Thing

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Even though it is a remake of the film from the 90s, "It – The Thing" It rocked a lot on his debut and critics became frightened. “/>

"Black Panther" is certainly on top of the list of possible winners.

Black Panther

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. The film arrived and BOOM, only it was spoken in him, the definition of a popular film.


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It would not be surprising to see "Hereditary" in the list of competitors of this series. It would not be surprising to see "Hereditary" in the list of competitors of this category, in addition to the singular script, the film wins with incredible performances Toni Collette, Alex Wolff and Milly Shapiro. More than two decades after the first film, "The Incredibles" was very popular with the public and could easily be won by many new productions.

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<img src =" https://78.media.tumblr.com/3dc12e75864a8aa58f6bcb487ef96337 /tumblr_inline_ozmfhpPvKb1rpmqqq_500.gif "alt =" 19659021] And, who would you choose?

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