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Bella Falconi (photo: reproduction)

Bella Falconi posted the first photo of the childbed while she breastfed the youngest, Stella. The girl who is the second daughter with businessman Ricardo Rocha, was born on Monday (20).

"I arrived at the hospital just before midnight, the contractions were already strong and painful and my mind was focused on bringing Stella into the world through a beautiful natural birth.I went into the hospital with almost five centimeters of access … A A few hours passed, but my expansions did not increase anymore, I took a gradual dose of oxytocin and went on firmly to stop anesthesia.After oxytocine, my swelling increased rapidly and the pains also increased. In my life I thought I would faint my pressure plummeted, I went up to 8 cm without any anesthesia, until the moment my pain already made me crazy that I wanted to tear my own hair (yes I pulled my own hair and I took a bush), I bit my mother's arm and almost broke the Maguila's finger. I screamed so much but so much that I must have awakened all the babies of the hospital. way – I had to take my dr to give up your uncle and accept anesthesia. I was very brave and gave myself the right to change my plan. By 9 o'clock I had already been turned off for 10 cm. I pushed vertically for 10 minutes and Stella crowned but did not leave. Her heart beat for a few minutes and I went from heaven to hell, but because of the glory of the God I serve, she regained her heartbeat and continued her plans. 15 minutes later Stella came to her neck and there was another concern: a round cord. Maguila says that she never saw my eyes so wide in life and that he was desperate about my astonished reaction. I was really very scared. But I never doubted that it would succeed again. My faith is unwavering. God is faithful and our blessing is already in our arms. If I would do something else? Never. Now we go to the next challenge: breastfeeding. Pray for us and thank you for the affection of everyone. I love you. Then put a picture of her face. She is Vicky & # 39; s face! & # 39; he said.

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