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Ronnie Von comes exhausted to the room of his house in the Morumbi region, in the southern zone of São Paulo. "I came in. I'm sorry, was not it two o'clock?" He asks. No, Ronnie was not late, as a good English gentleman at the height of his punctuality and British friendliness. Ronnie wears a neatly squeezed blue shirt and sits in the pompous chair and takes a cup of coffee. "No sugar please," says the woman, Maria Cristina, to Kika. "Every day that passes, I love her more," he says. At the age of 73 Ronnie looks like a loving teenager with his first girlfriend. The purity of her expressive green eyes places such a feeling in context. "I love those chubby", he jokes.

In the air for almost 15 years with the successful program Toda Seu, in TV Gazeta, have been more than two decades away from the stages and studio's. His last appearance was in the far years of 1997. I do not remember which city. & # 39; However, in 2018 Ronnie decided to return to active service. The DVD One Night Only, the first of his extensive and relevant musical career, arrives in stores in April. In the repertoire, songs like You Do not Know Me (Ray Charles), Night and Day (Frank Sinatra) and Girl (Beatles). All songs that have inspired Ronnie in one way or another. "We were at home with a friend to watch a Paul McCartney DVD." It was a very intimate show, with Diana Krall on the piano and John Pizzarelli on guitar, Dani Silva, the producer, asking me if I wanted to do something like that. It is a repertoire that I would have loved to have recorded exclusively for Kika, my great love ", says Ronnie.

Despite the fresh DVD, Ronnie does not think back on the road. Married 31 years ago and the father of Leonardo, Alessandra and Ronaldo (the last two, children of the first marriage with the journalist Aretuza), the artist hardly ever leaves home. He prefers to stay in his home, looks after the garden or reads one of the books from his immense collection. He usually spends time in the vast vintage garage, which has more than twenty cars. "I do not want to go back to gig, I've been there for many years, my biggest problem with music is the way, I hate it, I've been doing it for 40 years, going back and forth every week." This experience was very cool and rewarding , and it made me happy and happy with myself, I'm bombarded with this story about singing every day.
I receive at least one invitation per day. Several record companies have already contacted me. "

Loving the nickname Prince of Hebe Camargo, Ronnie Von makes harsh criticism of the music industry. For him, much of what is successful today is completely debatable. "I will never criticize the music because I have had all my personal and professional satisfaction, but the thing behind it is really complicated, even because it is not real, I was born of a wealthy family, they said: look at the velvet panties, daddy's little boy If you used to be too poor to be recognized on this market, you have to have all the money in the world today to take off, "says Ronnie.

The DVD offers the collaboration of the singers Alba Santos, Jô Abe Reis and Jamah, all unknown to the general public. "I did not want anyone from the mainstream to give a voice to talented people. All proceeds from the sale of the DVD are returned to Graacc, dedicated to the treatment of cancer, and the Cruz Verde Association for the Protection of Children with cerebral palsy "I knew that if I ever had to sing again, it would be to return the income to a good cause. I do not want to feel a product, but rather a person. & # 39;

Psychedelic phase. The young people who see Ronnie singing so subtly and refined can not imagine how traitor he was for a whole generation. At the end of the sixties, he set aside the prince's label and released three major albums that revolutionized the history of Brazilian music: Ronnie Von (1968), The Mysterious Kingdom Fight or Parasempre Against the Empire of Never More (1969) and The Flying Machine (1970).

The albums were real fiction in those days. In 2013, vinyl revived, more than 40 years later, work is now seen as a percussion of psychedelics in the country. "They said my career was over," recalls Ronnie. The daring of the prince was far away: angels who rode bicycles and even trips on spaceships, illustrated his compositions. The arrangements were composed of electric guitars, musicality abused for a while. "I paid a lot for being brutal, but I think I would do it all over again," Ronnie laughs.


– You Do not Know Me (Ray Charles)
– Night and day (Frank Sinatra)
– Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra)
– The way you watch tonight (Frank Sinatra)
– It had to be you (Frank Sinatra)
– Girl (Beatles)
– I Remember You (Chet Baker)
– Night and day (Ella Fitzgerald)
– You've Got Your Love Away (The Beatles)
– In My Life (The Beatles)
– When I Fall in Love (Nat King Cole)
The information comes from the newspaper The state of S. Paulo.

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