Bruna Marquezine strolls through Venice and dances on the streets while drinking ice. Watch video

Actress responded to the comment of follower

Bruna Marquezine did not like to read a comment on his Instagram. In the text, an actress's follower said she was only in Venice to show herself as the Neymar & # 39; girlfriend, since she had no international career. Annoyed, Bruna replied: "I come because I have been accepted and invited and my existence is not limited to my relationship." He added: "I do not think I'm better than anyone, not at all, that's your opinion, you look pretty cruel, but I think I understand." The lack of merit of the other for the justification of their own accident or incompetence is something most common. "

Artist circled through the streets of luxury pajamas

Bruna Marquezine took her bedtime style to the streets of Venice. "I do not know who started or fashion created to get out of pajamas, but I love that person", the actress wrote when she clicked where she appeared with a silk pajamas from the British designer Agent Provocateur. With discrete prints and rosé background, the piece can be purchased for almost R $ 5,500. On seeing the photo, Marina Ruy Barbosa praised her friend: "Bem linda".

Brumar couple deny end of relationship

In a short time, the Brumar couple had to speak twice about an alleged end of the relationship. First Bruna explained herself by publishing a broken heart on her Instagram, followed by the sentence: "It hurts, I know." Soon a fan wondered, "I just think they're over again?" "Only," replied Marquezine, directly. Days later, Neymar stopped following his girlfriend on the social network for a few minutes. Enough for the fans of the couple to hurry. "Hahaha! Quiet people, I woke up early and I ran after my beloved girlfriend and I stopped by accident, but I came back quickly (I thought, right, because you are faster).", The bait quickly ensured.

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