Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo marry in ceremony in Ceará

Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo were married on Saturday (25) in a ceremony for 300 people in the luxury Essenza hotel in Jericoacoara, Ceará. The two were taken to the altar by their mothers and chose not to wear shoes during the wedding. The grandmothers of the actors were responsible for bringing the alliances together. Romantic, the actor knelt down to put the jewel in the left hand of the bride, who wore a dress with 461 cloth flowers, signed by Lethicia Bronstein. With the blessing of twelve pairs of godparents, including Luan Santana and Vanessa Giácomo, the couple – who had been together for two years – kissed before they left the ceremony and shouted at the guests.

Dress by Camila Queiroz took five months to be ready

Camila Queiroz emerged dazzlingly in an off-white dress with pearly details with a shoulder-to-shoulder neckline. The model was developed by the designer together with the bride and all tests were carried out in the professional studio in São Paulo. His mother, Eliane Tavares, and one of Camila's sisters accompanied her during the exams, the latter being the most exciting tears of the artist's family. In the piece, which has a tail of one and a half meters, an Italian income was used that is part of the collection of Lethicia Bronstein, which makes the dress unique. The veil is 3 meters long in transparent tulle, chosen to leave the details of the appearance on the display. According to the designer, the value of the dress has not yet been calculated, but the pieces of the studio of Lethicia are for sale at R $ 25 thousand. In one of the ankles Camila Queiroz used a third of the pearls hand made by the designer of jewelry Lydia Dana, who was responsible for the alliances of the ceremony.

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