Camila Queiroz surprised Klebber Toledo in & # 39; Family Size & # 39;

To tell with a smile and a lot of story, Klebber Toledo and Juliana Paiva brought their families to the podium of the Family size on Sunday afternoon, 26. The actress took her uncle Ricardo and the cousins José and Pedro; and the actor chose the cousins Ricardo and Cinthia, next to the brother Kris, to form their teams and deliver a bit of each in their versions in intimacy.

During the attraction, the global heartthrob was surprised by his wife, Complete professional skill, who entered the stage and sang the hit Lost Time, from the band Legião Urbana.

Excited at the presentation of the beloved, the actor remembered the beginning of the relationship. "We got to know each other through the novel Good world!but it did not fit. It was a sudden something. We started looking at each other ", he said.

The pigeons officially unveiled the union on Saturday 25, in a beautiful ceremony in Jericoacoara, on the coast of Ceará.

The event was carried out close to the sea and was subtly decorated in shades of pink, green and wood, full of flowers and details.

For the occasion the bride chose an exclusive dress, signed by Lethicia Bronstein, which also created the wedding dresses Ticiane Pinheiro and Thai Fersoza.

She was led to the altar by her mother, Eliane Tavares. His father, Sérgio Queiroz, died in April 2017 at the age of 53.

The party for 300 guests was attended by various celebrities, including Vanessa Giácomo, Cássia Kiss, Luan Santana, Drica Moraes and Joaquim Lopes.

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