Death of singer Deivison Kellrs, singer of the band Torpedo

  Besides the singers of the band, Luiza Ketilyn, Francyne Roper and J
(19) singer Deivison Kellrs, 28, the singer of the band, was released on Monday (19) by singer / songwriter Deivison Kellrs.

The health condition of the artist deteriorated at sunrise on the tenth of this month, according to information from the businessman. of the band, the artist was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a hospital in the Derby district, central area of ​​Recife, and breathed using devices.

The singer was admitted to the hospital Beneficent one day before the event Everybody with Deivison Kell rs obtained a doctorate to raise money for the treatment of the artist. He complained of severe pain and had to take morphine to relieve the sensations. "In the beginning we thought it was a routine pain, but we believe that the sensations have increased because of the fear he felt about the event," said Silvano Melo, a businessman with Banda Torpedo.

In a video released by the team of group, one of the doctors responsible for the treatment of the artist, explained that the event was the result of an "insensitive pain". "He can not move because, despite the fact that he is in a normal condition, his condition can be compensated at any time, such as a fall in blood pressure," he said when Kellrs was admitted to the hospital. 19659004] In the same communiqué the mother of the singer, Conceição Maria da Silva, thanked the support the son received on social networks and with the charity festival. "We thank you for everything you have done and are still doing for him," she said. In the case the bands of the bands Sedutora, Swing of Love, Torpedo, Michelle Melo, MC Elvis, Dadá Boladao, MC Torch, MC Japan, Roginho, Danilo Bolado, Clebinho, Anderson Roger, Corse Band and Infidel Band were sent back to the bands. treatment Deivison Kellrs, aged 28, was diagnosed with cancer in July last year, when he had to reduce the schedule of shows and leave the stage to treat the disease.

Since then he has undergone treatment with chemotherapy sessions and medicines. The band Torpedo held the program of shows and is formed by Luiza Ketilyn, Francyne Roper and Júnior Dieckman.

In July of this year, the singer had to use social networks to deny rumors of his death. "Good morning, my love! It is all rumor, the fruit of a heart that requires prayer," he wrote in the caption. "I am home, covered by the grace of God, the love of my family and of you who encourage me," he added.

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