Die Deivison Kellrs, from the band Torpedo, victim of liver cancer

The singer Deivison Kellrs died at the age of 30 on Sunday (19), according to the press service of the band Torpedo. The artist from Pernambuco struggled with liver cancer since last year and was hospitalized on 4 August due to the illness.

The wake-up takes place from dawn on Monday (20) in the Recife City Hall and is open to the public until noon. From this time on it will be limited to the family. At 14:00 the procession continues to the cemetery Santo Amaro, also in the capital of Pernambuco. The funeral is planned for fifteen.

The singer Francyne Roper, who shared the stage with Deivison in the band Torpedo, romantic style, said in his Instagram profile that it is still hard to believe in the death of his friend and thanks for everything the artist did for her.

"This emptiness is so big … Hard to believe you're gone!" Our moments will stay alive in my heart! Thank you for everything you have done for me! One day I will meet you again to give you a hug like this … And heaven will be your home … rest in peace, my friend! "He said Deyviane Aquino, Deivison's sister, said in the social network that" it is the cruelest of reality "to know that she will not see her smiling, hear her voice or feel her embrace.

"I do not know if my life will ever be what it once was, you take a big part of my zest for life, from my childhood memories, from the happiest moments of my life," he complained.

Former band vocalist Tayara Andreza, who moved in the neighborhood of Francyne, said goodbye to her former music partner in an exciting Instagram post, in which she released a video with Deivison.

"Today (this Sunday) the earth loses an unmistakable voice and the sky wins a small star." I can not believe I left so certain yesterday that I would come back more often and today I receive so sad news. "Care, no matter what, for people from above," says the message in the social network.

The singer Devinho Novaes regretted the death of the singer of the band Torpedo in a publication on Instagram. "You have left much love in us, your love for life continues to beat in our hearts, follow your path in peace, enlightened by the blessings of God, we will always be there, pray for you and our positive energies of love and affection send "#Luto", the artist reported on Sunday.

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