Dira Paes post a photo with Ivete and web points & # 39; gafe & # 39 ;: & # 39; Cut Fernanda Gentil & # 39;

During the & # 39; Criança Esperança & # 39; the actress posed next to Ivete Sangalo and Fernanda Gentil for a photo. But when she published the click, only the singer from Bahia appeared at her side. The journalist, in turn, placed the uncut photo, with the three on the photo, just like Ivete. In a short time, Dira's followers accused her of making a mistake. & # 39; Where are Fernanda, Dira Paes? Dira Paes ended up in a beautiful skirt by placing a photo on her Instagram next to Ivete Sangalo during the participation of the two in "Criança Esperança" ("Child Hope").

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. Although in the social network of the actress only she and Ivete appear in the image, the same click was also posted by Fernanda Gentil, who embraced the singer of Bahia. It was not long before netizens criticized the actress for cutting off the photojournalist. "Where is Fernanda, Dira Paes?" "Ugly thing you did, it was in my concept," wrote a follower. "It was ugly for you, saw it," said another surfer. "What a lack of education," said a third. There were even people who saw prejudices in Dira's attitude about the fact that Fernanda dates a woman, including journalist Priscila Montandon.

Angelica is confused with Eliana in political blunder

Recently another famous celebrity blunder shook the web. Luciano Huck, who even considered challenging the position of president of Brazil, but later rescinded his candidacy, presidents interviewed at GovTech Brasil, an event organized by the NGO BrazilLAB and the Institute of Technology and Society of Rio (ITS Rio). When he spoke with Geraldo Alckmin, the PSDB candidate became confused and called Angelica, the wife of the presenter, of Eliana, who in the past went out with the artist. To laugh, Huck corrected the candidate, who immediately apologized to Joaquim's mother, Benicio and Eva. Angelica did not lose the joke and played on her Instagram with the blunder. & # 39; Miga Eliana, Alckmin has sent you a kiss. & # 39; The SBT hostess, who enjoyed the show of the tribalists alongside her fiancée, Adriano Ricco, laughed at the situation and confessed: "Miga, it's not from today that it happens, the other day he called me Angelica Tamu together!" [19659006] Márcio Garcia talks about Record program on Globo

Another recent blunder was due to Márcio Garcia during his current program on TV Globo, the & # 39; Family Size & # 39 ;. Already at the end of the attraction the presenter invited the audience to attend the program the following week and warned: "Next week there will be more! I hope you are after the" Spectacular Sunday & # 39; ". What he did not realize – and neither of the assembly team, since the program was recorded – is that "Spectacular Sunday" is being broadcasted by Record, his former broadcaster. The sports program that is currently being played on TV Globo is the & # 39; Esporte Espetacular & # 39 ;. On the day of the show, shortly before it was broadcast, the presenter used his Instagram to emphasize, this time correctly: "Our fourth season starts shortly after the" Spectacular Sport. "


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