Fátima Bernardes does not accept that children's stepmother from & # 39; mother & # 39; to mention

Presenter further strengthened: "I wanted to be a mother so badly. I do not share this title in this way,

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1 from 2018, 14:51

The presenter Fatima Bernardes revealed that he would not accept that his children called the wife of his ex-wife "mother". During the Meeting with Fátima Bernardes Fatima received the psychiatrist Jairo Bouer, who gave the best ways to answer questions that her children considered difficult, including "Can I call my mother's girlfriend?".

Fatima expressed her opinion: "I could not say that you can call it" mother. "I think it was more on the side of:" Look, mother is a mother, just like dad always your father will be, divorced or not, & # 39; "he said. "So you will never have another father here and no other mother there, but you can have an uncle, a friend, here and another," he added.

The presenter still justified her vision: "I really wanted to be a mother, I thought that if a child comes up later and does not call me … Oh no, I do not share that title, no!" Finally, the presenter reinforced that her opinion is related to children. "It is clear that if I were a small child, the more I have this relationship with the other side, I think it's incredible," she mused.

Fatima separated from William Bonner in 2016, with whom she has triplets, currently 20 years old. Bonner remarried in September 2018.

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