Fatima Bernardes does not want her children to call her mother's wife Bonner: & # 39; & # 39; I do not share this title & # 39; & # 39;

Fatima Bernardes spoke with the guests of the meeting on Monday 1, about the relationship of children with divorced parents and took the opportunity to make a rather remarkable statement.

The presenter wondered how some parents deal with the difficult situation and how they explain a number of important issues to the little ones, and at one of those moments, the ex-wife of William Bonner was sincere, and made their opinion on the subject clear.

"Can I call Mom & # 39; s girlfriend?", was the question that appeared on the big screen of attraction.

I could not say that you can call it mother, I would talk to my mother, I am a mother, just like dad will always be your father, whether we are divorced or not, but you can be an uncle have a friend here and another one. I really wanted to be a mother … Oh no, I do not share that title … ", dared and completed: "It is clear that if I was a small child, the more you have this nice relationship with the other side, I think it's incredible".

Fatima Bernardes and William Bonner announced the divorce in 2016 and are already in very serious relationships. In early September including the anchor of the National News married the physiotherapist Natasha Dantas, current stepmother of the children of the couple.

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