Former Globo actor is attempting suicide at the hotel in So Paulo

Photo: Instagram / reproduced
Photo: Instagram / reproduction

The former Globo actor, Vitor Morosini, who participated in the novel beautiful, attempted suicide in a hotel in Barretos, São Paulo. He entered the Santa Casa at 13.00, this Thursday (23), and second medical bulletin, Vitor suffered fractures in the upper and lower limbs and is conscious and talking.

His frame is stable, but it is under observation. According to information from the Uol portal, Vitor stayed in a hotel in the city and according to the police, the hypothesis was that he was trying to commit suicide. "He told the hospital that he was trying to commit suicide," said the deputy.

Vitor made his TV debut at the age of 10 in the show Sandy & Júniorbetween 1999 and 2002. The entry into force of beautiful It happened three years later and it was his last TV job. In the conspiracy of Silvio de Abreu, which is re-recognized in the Valley, he is Isaac, one of the children of Sapphira, the character of Cláudia Raia. After the novel, Vitor Morosini left the artist's career and became a pilot on the plane.

Vitor on stage with Claudia Raia and Lima Duarte in & # 39; Bel
Vitor in scene with Claudia Raia and Lima Duarte in & # 39; Belssima & # 39; (photo: Tv Globo / Divulgao)

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