Judge suspends the order that the departure of Regina Celi from the presidency of Salgueiro has ordered

Willow elections were in May, but the fight seems to have no end – Ana Branco / Agência O Globo

RIO – The political uncertainty of the Salgueiro continues. Judge Werson Rêgo gave a suspensive order on Tuesday to the order obtained by the opposition plate under the direction of André Vaz, last Friday, in which Regina Celi's departure from the chairmanship of the association was ordered within 48 hours. Friday's decision ordered all members of the board of the association to leave the post with a fine of $ 1,000 per day. The court case was held since May 6, when Regina Celi was re-elected at the school grounds for her fourth term during an election.

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Before the order, the judge considered the document of the president of the school's election committee, Marcelo Ferreira, who had decided that the agent "would immediately leave the position" so that Vaz, from Plate 2, takes over the position. In his decision of Tuesday, however, the magistrate understood that the election committee of the school is not competent for such an evaluation. In the order Werson Rêgo says that, according to the statute of the association, they are administrative authorities with decision-making powers.
the Deliberative Council and the General Assembly. "The powers delegated to the chairman of the election committee are
limited to the time of the elections ", wrote Rêgo.


The legal dispute at the Samba Academy has passed since May when Regina Celi was re-elected for the fourth consecutive period during the sixth elections. On the 16th of that month, however, the Rio Court of Justice considered the incumbent, in an action filed by the opposition for the lawsuit. One of the irregularities contemplated by the judges was the limit of two successive terms in the presidency, established by the statute of the association.

Since then, both parties have filed a lawsuit. The final chapter was on August 1st. Alderman Werson Rêgo at that time denied appeal on both sides: Regina Celi called for new elections, while plate 2, led by André Vaz, asked for immediate possession. In the order, the magistrate justified that it was up to the school to determine the future of the union by its agencies.

Last Tuesday, the Electoral Commission of Salgueiro, chaired by Marcelo Ferreira, gave an opinion on the departure of Regina Celi from the presidency of Red and White. Three days later, the court issued an order ordering the possession of the new direction within 48 hours.


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