Juliana Paiva and Nicolas Prattes go to the theater together, but pose separately – 08/24/2018

For three months, Juliana Paiva and Nicolas Prattes have signed a pact to hide what everyone already knows: dates. The two came together, but posed separately for the photographers at the premiere of the musical "The Frenic Dancin & # 39; Days" on Friday (24), in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro.

Nicolas Prattes and Juliana Paiva came with the actress's parents, but they walked away as soon as they saw the reporters. Unfunny, the protagonist of the novel "Time Not For", decided to pose one at a time on the red carpet of the theater.

The interpreter of Marocas in the plot of the seven of the Globe posed first for the photos, while the actor, who lives in the same novel, Samuca, watched his girlfriend from a distance.

"Did you talk to them?" Asked Juliana Paiva as soon as she met Nicolas in the audience. They sat side by side and exchanged affection during the show.

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